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With 41 years of project management experience, we are able to offer the benefits of a thorough analyzation of every aspect of your property development plans to manage your project and estimate costs, in addition to management of civil design.

Ensure your project is within budget and on time with the services of CR Hassinger Consulting in the Raleigh area as well as nationwide. We provide site consultant services and construction cost estimating. We serve commercial, residential and military clients.

Cost Estimating Consulting

Cost Estimating Consulting Using construction drawings we create an actual cost budget for the construction of the project. This is used as a guideline to make sure bids are coming in have no holes or short falls. Count on us to eliminate any surprises during your property development and construction projects. Once we solicit bids we compare those to the numbers we have formulated to select a contractor. With 38 years of experience we are adept at the bid process to select the right contractor for your project.

Safety Hat, Construction Project Management in Raleigh, NC

Count on our Expertise

In the last 3 years, we have worked in 11 different states with the nation's largest buffet restaurant owner/ general contractor. Additional experience includes a variety of military projects as well as building new subdivisions and detailed road widening projects from the standpoint of construction cost estimating and project management.

Civil Layout Design Consulting

Quality and cost conscious design ensures the most feasible presentation, minimizing what has to be done for the final layout of your project.

Contact us in Raleigh, North Carolina to request an estimate for a site consultant with the experience you need for your project.